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富贵生命馆 祖先牌位 Ancestral Tablet


富贵生命馆 祖先牌位 Nirvana Ancestral Table




•    供奉在肅穆莊嚴及堂皇高雅的大堂

•    豪華高貴的裝潢及舒適的冷氣設備環境

•    定時誦念經文
•    體現體現祭祀先祖及銘記親恩的美德




Ancestral Tablet has been the very symbol of Chinese ancestral worship which can date back to the ancient Chinese Shang Dynasty. Ancestral Tablet occupies a central position at the altar of any traditional Chinese home. It is a sacred item that signifies observation of filial piety. Ancestral Tablets in Nirvana Memorial Parks are the fine alternatives to these tablets worshipped at homes especially for couples who have not had the time to attend to these worships rituals.



The Features of Ancestral Tablet


  • Luxurious & Elegant Memorial Hall to enshrine Ancestor Tablet.

  • Comfortable air-conditioned and cared-for environment.

  • Dedicated chanting of mantra at scheduled times.

  • An ambience of respect and reverence.


富贵山庄神主牌位 Nirvana ancestral table

富贵山庄 聚仙楼祖先牌位 (世外桃源) 士毛月





富贵唐城神主牌位 nirvana memorial park ancestral table
富贵山庄神主牌位 nirvana ancestral table




富贵山庄神主牌位 nirvana ancestral table
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