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Nirvana pet garden 富贵山庄 宠物墓园

富贵山庄宠物墓园 Nirvana Pet Memorial Garden



富貴山庄寵物殡葬配套 (仅限猫和狗宠物而已)



Nirvana Pet Funeral Package (For Dogs & Cats only)

This is an exclusive service offering a one-stop funeral facility for your beloved pet. This exclusively designed and caring service can bring for the pet owner a total peace of mind and hassle-free solution. The owner can witness the dignity of the last journey of their beloved pet with sweet memories.


1.  上门领取与运送寵物的遺體。(在吉隆坡富貴紀念館方圓三十五公里範圍內)

2.  由专人细心进行遗体消毒工作。
3.  土葬: 宠物土葬棺木一副

     火化: 宠物火化棺木一副*



4.  以精致花, 寵物棺木内部裝饰

只限於火化配套 *

Nirvana Pet Funeral package:

1. Door to door pick up service – the remains of your pet. (The service is restricted to the radius of 35km from Nirvan Memorial Centre, Kuala Lumpur)

2. Disinfection of pet remains.

3. Burial: Pet burial casket 1 unit

    Cremation: Cremation casket 1 unit *

    Pet urn 1 unit *

    Cremation & retrieval of ashes*

4. Flower decoration (Inside casket)

Applicable for cremation package only *

Nirvana pet garden  富贵山庄  宠物墓园
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