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基督徒墓園 Christian Memorial Garden





富贵山庄世外桃源天主基督墓地nirvana burial plot christian

Nirvana Christian Memorial Garden, is a whole new, serene final resting ground for believers. Comes in different plots such as Joshua Zone, Matthew Zone, Benjamin Zone and Jacob Zone,  these integrated burial plots for Christians are located in and designed with tranquil settings.

In an ambience that is as close to recreating the serenity of a celestial retreat as human imagination will allow,  this Christian

zone of the Nirvana Memorial Park sets a new benchmark for the establishment of peaceful environments.







富贵唐城天主基督骨灰位nirvana ucolumbarium
nirvana urn columbarium

Life is like a blooming flower.  Full of beauty and vigour.  Through warmth and cold, its freshness prevails.  But its life is short-lived.  It will soon begin to wither and die.  So does our lives.Life and death is a certainty, it should not be seen as a phobia.  Life after death could be enlightened again in full brightness, enshrined within the Nirvana Perpetual Garden Urn Columbarium.

Five petal-like shape forms the core of this Columbarium, surrounding an ever-flowing fountain.  A garden  like concept adds an air of peacefulness with an ambience of serenity and purity. Truly, the goodness in life continues here, and ever after……



Perpetual Garden




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