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Nirvana Memorial Park, Ijok


Nirvana Ijok Selangor 富贵山庄


墓区规划统一建造,福地井然有序,结合天然地形和自然景观,相映成辉。这里提供各类型独特且美丽的家族陵园、家族福地及单 / 双穴风水福地,墓碑后墙绘以如意结及寿字圆形图饰,在风水学上寓意平安和顺、富贵长寿。






这是主题景观墓园的新时代,也是当代艺术墓园的新高点,从此被大地命名,为她写下耀眼的名字。 此中最大的转变,乃是打破传统墓园的旧框架,提升了墓园的层次,让它有「宜居」的惬意感受,现实的生死禁忌界线也愈来愈淡化,及至无。

Burial Plot

With the choices of family, double and single plots, Nirvana Memorial Park (Ijok) offers well-planned burial plots constructed amidst a beautiful landscape and in harmony with the natural environment. Regardless of selection, the timeless tranquility and peaceful ambiance create an ideal space for eternal rest while the excellent Feng Shui brings blessings for generations to come – a secluded paradise that echoes of the Peach Blossom Spring.


A gallery of ever-enduring life stories

The columbaria are modern yet classical structures with a distinctive and timeless charm that provide a permanent and everlasting place for the departed to extend their blessings and protect future generations. The exterior is magnificent, while the interior of the buildings is designed in an elegant, minimalistic style to create a peaceful and carefree ambiance.

Huizhou-style architecture is inseparable from words such as “surrounded by mountains and water”, “winding alleys”, “shifting scenery”, and “close to nature”. The design concept of “Oriental Water Sanctuary” inherits the old soul of Suzhou, Hangzhou and Huizhou, while combining neo-Orientalism and Zen elements of the Jiangnan Gardens to create a new landscaped memorial park with minimalistic stylings, lightness and elegance. The elaborate architecture structures have both traditional elements and aesthetics of contemporary design, perfectly combined in the most exquisite way like the harmony of Yin and Yang.


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