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庄基督徒墓園 Christian Memorial Gander





富贵山庄世外桃源天主基督墓地nirvana burial plot christian

Nirvana Christian Memorial Garden, is a whole new, serene final resting ground for believers. Comes in different plots such as Joshua Zone, Matthew Zone, Benjamin Zone and Jacob Zone,  these integrated burial plots for Christians are located in and designed with tranquil settings.

In an ambience that is as close to recreating the serenity of a celestial retreat as human imagination will allow,  this Christian

zone of the Memorial Park sets a new benchmark for the establishment of peaceful environments.







Nirvana Christian Columbarium



The Nirvana artistic Christian Columbarium is a masterpiece of Christian bereavement care architectural design unlike any other in the market. It showcases a unique style that exudes a distinctive Christian character, one that gets best of both worlds: refined, exquisite design and contemporary idea. Elegant, Roman architecture complemented by white and silver color combinations, enhanced by sky roof that transmits warm sunlight into the columbarium brings out an air of refinement and serenity typical of any Christian memorial ambience.

The columbarium houses a well arranged array of the best in contemporary Christian urn compartment niches carved out the fined craftsmanship and durable materials. The quaint façade reinforces the serene, Christian identity.  A whole new chapter in the masterly shapes and shades of Christian columbarium is thus unveiled.


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