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富贵山庄 Nirvana Memorial Park, Semenyih


Nirvana memorial park  富贵山庄

共佔地515英畝的士毛月富貴山莊,乃全世界最大的私營化風景墓園。富貴山莊的地勢絕佳,坐西向東,前面有眾山朝拜,後有群戀護衛,中有水源,具備 山高水闊之雄偉氣勢。其龍頭穴位正好于山脈中央,左青龍之勢,又有白虎之威,青龍下方有瀑布流水,堪稱最上乘的風水架構,是一片幽靜而古樸的人間淨土。


莊内尚建有全世界最大的人造金龍-“富貴金龍”,由龍頭至龍尾,全長1千尺,富貴金龍龍身共用了一萬片由中國進口的龍鱗陶瓷披蓋,景觀壯麗宏偉,,是富貴 山莊名符其實、深具代表性的象徵物。中國皇朝骨灰殿設計古樸典雅,全冷氣設備,風水位置絕佳。骨灰靈位材料全部由外國進口,設計璀璨祥和,金碧輝煌。富麗堂皇的極樂淨土,帝王式的陵園乃富貴山莊為名門望族、社會賢達,特選的絕佳風水福地。


佔地3英畝的藝術墓園,專位客戶量身訂制的典雅墓碑,反映客戶輝煌一生的精致地標,亦乃後人瞻仰先賢成就的光輝殿堂。富貴山莊不僅是國際墓園、火化 暨殯葬協會(ICCFA)的成員,更是全世界第一家榮獲ISO 9001:2008證書的私營墓園。顯示了富貴山莊在銷售、管理及服務等領域獲國際認同。



Nirvana Memorial Park, It is strategically situated in Semenyih, Selangor with approximately 515 acres of land and only 25 minutes accessible via highways from Kuala Lumpur. Nirvana burial plots are recognized by internationally acclaimed Fengshui masters as excellent geomancy sites which creating an atmosphere of peacefulness for the resting of the departed loved ones.


Nirvana Feng Shui is supported by hills and good contours as well as “dragon” on its left and a “tiger” on its right, commanding an ideal setting geomancy.  Pre-planning of burial plots and erection of pre-need tombs will help promote longevity and health, passing down blessing of prosperity upon posterity.


Nirvana has set up the perpetual maintenance trust fund which to ensure the long-term maintenance of the park and customers only need to pay a one-and-for-all maintenance fee. The service provided by the fund included 24-hour security, maintenance of cleanliness and landscaping service.


Nirvana memorial park  富贵山庄
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