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富贵生命馆 吉隆坡







可享有高达 50% 优惠价.

(以 20%首期定金 + 高达48个月的免利息付款)*


此优惠从 01-05-2023 到 30-06-2023


富贵生命馆 骨灰双灵位, 从RM23,800*

永久保养费 服务费

(以 20%首期定金 + 高达36个月的免利息付款)


富贵生命馆 骨灰单灵位, 从RM18,800*

永久保养费 服务费

(以 20%首期定金 + 高达24个月的免利息付款)

50% Special Discount for columbarium NCKL*

Minimum 20% down payment + Up to 48 months 0% interest instalment plan*.

Pre-need only, limited stock! (selected section only*)

Promotion From 01-05-2023 to 30-06-2023

Columbarium Double Lot, From RM23,800*

Columbarium Single Lot, From RM18,800*

Prices Include Whole Life Maintenance Fee.

Minimum 20% down payment +  0% interest instalment plan*. 


* 售完即此,必须付合条件。 *Subject to availability with terms & condition apply.


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